“Our client was a 59-year-old commercial sales representative of ADT whose primary responsibilities were to sell and create plans for alarm systems with large commercial businesses. He loved his job, particularly interacting with customers and meeting their needs to protect not only their facilities, but also their intellectual property.

Unfortunately, one day he developed a severe headache that kept him out of work for several days. He assumed the headache would go away as, at times, Tylenol and ibuprofen would ease the pain. But, when the headache increased and persisted to where it became unbearable, he saw a doctor who diagnosed severe migraines and started him on a treatment plan. While the treatment plan provided some improvement, the headaches affected his ability to do his job which required focus, concentration and an outgoing personality.

He could no longer do his job and filed for disability. Despite medical records clearly documenting the severity of the headaches, the disability insurer denied the application for benefits.

Left with no options and a lack of income to support his family, he hired Fields Disability. The attorneys at Fields Disability engaged his doctors, assembled medical records and reports, and filed a successful, favorable appeal. To his great relief, the disability payments and back pay were issued and he could now meet the financial needs of his family and continue with his treatment plans with the hopes of resolving his medical condition and returning to full-time work.”