“A young up-and-coming executive ceased working due to severe anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. His symptoms resulted in an inability to keep up with the extremely demanding mental demands of his job. Prudential reviewed his claim for approximately five months before denying benefits, claiming that he wasn’t continuously disabled during the elimination period in the policy. The man was confused because he had been consistently treating with a therapist and psychiatrist who adamantly stated he should remain out of work.

The man hired Fields Disability to fight Prudential’s wrongful denial. Our attorneys first ordered updated medical records from the man’s therapist and psychiatrist. Then, we requested written comments from the man’s treating providers regarding his conditions.

Our attorneys used that information to secure a favorable vocational report that concluded the man was unable to work at his former job. After Fields Disability submitted the appeal, Prudential reinstated benefits well before the end of the 45 day review period. The man received a substantial backpay check and was able to begin training for a low-stress future career.”