“A stage-show automation technician was in a car accident when another driver ran a red light. He experienced severe back-pain after the accident and imaging of his spine showed damage at multiple locations. He could no longer continue working because his job required lifting heavy automated components. His employer-provided disability insurer gave him monthly benefits for a couple of years, but then they suddenly stopped paying because he no longer fit their definition of “disabled.”

Unable to return to work, he contacted Fields Disability for help. Our team obtained over 2000 pages of medical records and ordered updated reports from our client’s doctors to support the claim for benefits. Our attorneys compiled the evidence and sent a strong appeal to the insurer. The insurance company did not overturn the decision, but our attorneys filed a lawsuit in federal court. During preparations for a hearing, Fields attorneys negotiated a generous lump-sum settlement. Our client was pleased with the check and happy with the professional advocacy from Fields Disability.”