“An installation coordinator for a sign and graphics company in Kansas had chronic pain in her hip. She was forced to stop work because her condition required shifting positions every few minutes and her employer could not accommodate her. She applied for short-term disability benefits through her employer’s insurance plan but was denied. While she was considering her options for short-term benefits, enough time passed that her claim converted to a long-term disability claim.

With two separate but overlapping claims pending, she called Fields Disability to help determine the best course of action. Fields attorneys reviewed the denial documents from the insurance company and our support team gathered updated medical records from all our client’s physicians. Our attorneys found that the insurance company disregarded important findings from our client’s doctors and drafted a strong appeal to the insurer. The appeal worked! Our client received a lump-sum payment for back pay and ongoing monthly benefits. Our client was pleased with the representation Fields Disability provided and was happy to have her monthly income restored.”