“Our client was an Instrument Technician from Delaware. He suffered from tibia dysfunction, bilateral foot arthritis, bilateral knee osteoarthritis, Degenerative Joint disease of the knees, hypertension; congestive heart failure and sleep apnea. After being taken off work by his doctors he applied for long term disability benefits through his employer’s plan with Cigna.

Originally, Cigna approved our client’s benefits, but then Cigna discontinued our client’s benefits asserting his conditions had sufficiently improved such that benefits were no longer payable. This occurred shortly after our client was approved for Social Security Disability benefits and Cigna received its overpayment of benefits.

Our client reached out to Fields Disability for help appealing this decision. Our attorneys drafted an appeal that established Cigna had relied upon selective evidence that misstated our client’s work restrictions and limitations and the required abilities of his occupation. Additionally, we received narrowly tailored narrative reports from our client’s treating doctor’s outlining his actual limitations and restrictions, which clearly make it impossible for him to perform his Own Occupation. After reviewing our appeal Cigna reversed its denial, paid our client his back pay, and recommenced monthly benefit payments. ”