“A 46-year-old mother of five worked hard to take care of her children and pay the bills. As a very friendly and cheerful person, she worked as a Customer Care Representative, a job she very much enjoyed as it allowed her to interact with people.

Unfortunately, one day she began to experience significant fatigue, joint pain, and awful headaches that simply would not go away. Her condition worsened, and she finally saw doctor who diagnosed her as having encephalopathy, chronic fatigue, and seizure focal disorder, which, unfortunately led her to major depression. All this occurring as she was working and raising several kids under the age of 10.

Eventually work became too difficult and she applied for disability benefits which, astonishingly, were denied. She attempted, on her own, to file an appeal of the denial but the insurance company maintained its original position and would not reverse the denial.

Left with no options, she contacted Fields Disability. The attorneys at Fields Disability reached out to medical providers and obtained records and reports documenting the injuries, it’s horrific effects, and the disabling restrictions imposed by the doctors. In reliance on this vast amount of medical support an appeal was filed and, within a very short period, the disability carrier reversed its position granting the disability benefits she so desperately needed.”