“A restaurant manager became disabled after developing severe diabetic neuropathy in his feet. The numbness and pain kept him from being on his feet for extended periods of time. He was unable to work because his fast-paced job as a restaurant manager required constant standing and walking. He filed a claim for short-term disability benefits with Principal. The insurance company paid benefits to the man for a few weeks, agreeing he was unable to perform the duties of his medium-duty occupation. Without warning, the insurance company denied benefits. It stated the man could return to work.

He decided to hire Fields Disability to help him appeal Principal’s decision. Our attorneys updated the man’s medical records and secured disability paperwork from the man’s treating physicians describing his neuropathic pain and limitations. The appeal was submitted with legal arguments regarding Principals duty to consider all of the evidence and provide a full and fair review. Shortly after the appeal was submitted, Principal overturned the denial and paid all outstanding benefits. The man was also subsequently approved for long-term disability due to the short term appeal.”