“A medical laboratory technician from Connecticut slipped and fell at work, seriously exacerbating a previous back injury. He underwent discectomy and fusion surgery, but still experienced severe back pain and numbness in his legs. He was forced to stop work due to his symptoms. He received long-term disability benefits through his insurance at work for two years. Then, suddenly, the insurer stopped the payments and said that he no longer fit the definition of “disabled” in the policy.

Without the disability payments, his monthly income would be eliminated. He called Fields Disability for help. Our team immediately requested medical records from all our client’s doctors. Fields attorneys ordered updated narrative reports which highlighted our client’s condition. With the evidence strengthened, our attorneys submitted a strong appeal to the insurance company.

Unfortunately, the insurer did not change their mind, but our attorneys were not discouraged and filed a lawsuit in federal court. During preparation for arguments before a judge, our attorneys negotiated a generous lump-sum settlement. Our client was pleased with the settlement and relieved to be done fighting the insurance company.”