“A blowmold operator became disabled after suffering a stroke. The man had several residual effects, including unsteadiness on his feet and optic nerve neuritis. His symptoms kept him from safely working with blowmold machinery, and his doctors took him out of work.

Mutual of Omaha paid the man short term disability benefits without any issues. Unfortunately, when the time came for Mutual of Omaha to pay the man long-term disability benefits, he was denied. Omaha stated the man could return to work and did not have any limitations.

The man hired Fields to fight Omaha’s wrongful denial. The man’s attorney, Michael Kemmitt, secured narrative reports from the treating doctors. One report forcefully stated the man’s visual deficits would completely limit his ability to perform the blowmold operator job. The reports were submitted to Omaha along with legal and factual arguments. After a brief review, Omaha notified the man’s attorneys that it would be reinstating benefits. The man received a substantial backpay check and was able to get caught up on all of his bills.”