“A warehouse worker was forced to leave work when he developed very severe COPD. His symptoms resulted in shortness of breath and an inability to keep up with the physical demands of his job. He applied to Cigna for long-term disability benefits, which were paid for twenty-four months.

When the definition of “”Disability”” in his policy changed, Cigna denied benefits. The doctor said the claimant was able to work with extremely severe work restrictions. Cigna used one of its experts to argue the man could secure employment despite his severe work restrictions.

The man quickly hired Fields Disability to appeal Cigna’s wrongful decision. Teh attorneys at Fields Disability reviewed all of the records Cigna generated related to the man’s claim. After discovering just how severe the work restrictions were, we contacted a vocational expert to determine if the man could work any jobs with that limitation.

The vocational expert wrote a letter describing how the severe limitations would disable the man from any occupation. The medical evidence and vocational report were attached to a legal memorandum citing federal law supporting the man’s case. Cigna reversed its decision and paid the man his benefits.”