“A Mississippi man who worked in a warehouse and drove a forklift suddenly developed excruciating, intractable migraine headaches. His headaches, at times, became so penetrating he couldn’t see straight nor maintain his balance, and would frequently need to sit down until these terrifying episodes would go away. His doctors ordered MRI scans which did not reveal abnormalities in his brain. Bravely, he continued with his job but, eventually, out of fear of hurting fellow co-workers, not to mention damaging one of the businesses few forklifts, he filed for disability with The Standard who, thankfully, granted disability payments for a period of time. After a medical review and discovering a lack of abnormal findings on MRI or CT scans, The Standard made the decision to discontinue benefits and cease disability payments.

He needed help working with the insurance company and came to Fields Disability. Our attorneys gathered supporting documentation from his medical providers, and built a flawless case to support his claim for long-term disability benefits. Our team of attorneys presented an appeal asserting that The Standard selectively ignored evidence in his records and failed to properly recognize his client’s debilitating migraines, which qualified him as disabled under the policy. The Standard overturned its decision, granting the long-term disability benefits he deserved. He was happy with the result and soon began to receive regular checks in the mail.”