“Our client had worked as a Senior Account Manager before becoming disabled due to his heart conditions. Liberty Mutual denied his claim for short-term and long-term disability benefits by sending him letters in the mail. Liberty Mutual claimed that he did not meet their definition of “Disability.” Specifically, Liberty Mutual claimed he was capable of working as a Senior Account Manager because they believed there was a lack of objective evidence of impairments that would translate to restrictions or limitations for Liberty Mutual to consider him Disabled.

This client turned to Fields Disability to help him fight Liberty Mutual, and appeal Liberty Mutual’s decisions to deny short and long-term disability benefits. The attorneys at Fields Disability complied all of his medical records, received doctor reports, and submitted a comprehensive appeal. Liberty Mutual decided to overturn their previous decision and retroactively paid this client all the benefits he should have received for his short and long-term disability benefits. He was excited to get almost a year of benefits back as a lump-sum. ”