“A young woman in New Mexico suffered from a number of issues including Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue. Due to her condition, she was unable to continue working in her job as a Service Center Representative at a local hospital, and was awarded long-term disability benefits by her insurer MetLife. Nearly two years later, her insurer cut off her benefits claiming that she was no longer disabled under her policy. The insurer claimed that after reviewing her medical records that she had the ability to work in her own occupation.

Unsure of how to fight the insurance company and unsure of a future with limited education and work prospects, she reached out to Fields Disability for help. The attorneys at Fields went to work updating the client’s medical records to submit to the insurance company. We then argued that the insurance company had made critical mistakes in their determination of the client’s case. Upon review, the insurance company partially reversed their decision and agreed that the client had been disabled for a closed period of time but denied that she was disabled going forward.

She went right back to her attorneys at Fields Disability. They began compiling all of the necessary records and reports from doctors necessary. They then drafted a winning appeal which lead to the insurer overturning their denial and admitting that she continued to be disabled. The client was overjoyed that she was able to succeed in her claim and felt peace of mind knowing that her livelihood was returned.”