“A Kansas woman had worked as an airplane painter for several years before developing severe kidney dysfunction. It turned out that she had developed Goodpasture Syndrome as a result of poisoning from the industrial paints she had been using for work. As her conditions continued to degrade, she applied or and was approved for long-term disability benefits. She remained on benefits for over nine years. Recently, she underwent a double kidney transplant. As soon as her condition stabilized after the surgery, the insurance company cut off her long-term benefits, claiming she was no longer disabled.

The woman attempted to appeal the insurer’s decision on her own, but they denied her appeal. Knowing she needed help with the next step, she retained the disability attorneys at Fields Law Firm. Our team of attorneys got to work on her case right away, filing a lawsuit against the insurance company in federal court. Faced with the mounting litigation, the insurer was forced to come to a settlement agreement. Our client was soon able receive a check in the mail, and focus on her ongoing recovery. ”