“A corrections officer from Washington began having back pain following an injury at work. She moved to a light-duty position so she could continue working during recovery. Unfortunately, a few weeks later she was in a car accident that caused compression in her lower spine and greatly exacerbated her symptoms. She was forced to stop working, and was approved for long-term disability benefits from her employer. After receiving benefits for two years, the insurance company said she no longer fit their definition of “disabled.”

She called Fields Disability for help. Our team obtained all our client’s medical records. Fields Attorneys drafted a strong appeal to the insurance company, highlighting medical evidence that had been overlooked. The insurance company didn’t change their mind, but Fields Attorneys were undeterred and filed a federal lawsuit to fight for our client. As litigation moved forward, our attorneys negotiated a generous settlement. Our client was pleased with the settlement check, and relieved to be through fighting the insurance company.”