“In 2005, an accountant from West Virginia seriously injured her shoulder in an accident at home. She had multiple surgeries, but ultimately regained only limited use of her right arm. She stopped working because she was in constant pain and had limited use of her dominant hand. Guardian Insurance approved her application for long-term disability benefits, and she received benefits from Guardian for almost ten years until she received a letter saying that she was no longer disabled and that Guardian would stop paying her benefits.

Shocked that Guardian would stop benefits after almost ten years, she contacted Fields Disability to assist with an appeal. Our attorneys diligently searched through our client’s medical records and found the insurance company ignored several comments from doctors. Fields Disability attorneys called our client’s doctors to write full reports so Guardian could not ignore them in the appeal. Ultimately, our client was awarded continuing long-term benefits and a lump-sum payment for back pay. She was pleased with the professional staff at Fields Disability and relieved to have financial peace of mind once again.”