“A man suffered a crush injury to his left foot and leg while working as a maintenance mechanic. He received benefits from his employer’s workers’ compensation insurer, but he was also eligible for long-term disability benefits through Aetna. Aetna paid him benefits for approximately two and a half years.

During the time he was receiving benefits, the man was diagnosed with CRPS/RSD of the left ankle. Instead of recognizing the seriousness and the progressive nature of the man’s ankle injury, Aetna discontinued his benefits out of the blue, indicating he should be able to return to work as a Pump Service Supervisor or a Pager, two jobs that the man had never previously performed.

The man turned to Fields Disability for help appealing Aetna’s decision. Our team went through Aetna’s file, citing errors in the report of the Independent Medical Examiner, the examiner whose report Aetna relied on in discontinuing our client’s benefits.

We crafted a strong appeal. A few weeks after submitting the appeal to Aetna, Aetna reversed their prior denial of benefits and paid our client his backpay and his monthly benefits.”