“Our client was a Repair Technician from New York suffering from osteoarthritis. When his doctors removed him from work he applied for Long-Term Disability benefits through his employer’s plan with Aetna. At first, Aetna approved the claim and paid his benefits. However, when the definition of disabled changed under the policy, requiring our client to be disabled from Any Occupation, Aetna denied the claim arguing there were other occupations he could perform.

Concerned, our client turned to Fields Disability for help. Our team drafted built an appeal to fight this decision. We reached out to our client’s doctors for specific narratives answering questions aimed at fighting this decision. Additionally, we received an independent vocational assessment pointing out that our client could not, in fact, perform any other occupations in the national economy. After receiving our appeal Aetna reversed its denial, paid our client his back pay and restarted his monthly disability payments. ”