“Our Client had worked as a Dispatcher at Disney World Services before becoming disabled and unable to work in 2017. Our client was approved for and received short-term disability benefits, which ran from his date of disability, through its exhaustion.

After the expiration of his short-term benefits, our client became eligible for long-term disability benefits from his policy’s carrier, Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company. He applied for long-term disability benefits, but his application was denied by The Hartford. The Hartford denied our client’s long-term benefits because it determined he did not meet the definition of “Disability” and the medical information it had did not support an inability to perform his Own Occupation.

Our client was removed from work on the advice of his treating providers, as his conditions were debilitating enough to prevent him from being able to perform the essential duties of his Own Occupation, as defined in The Hartford’s policy.

Upset at his sudden loss of income, he called Fields Disability for help appealing The Hartford’s decision. The attorneys at Fields Disability contacted our client’s doctors to compile reports of all of his symptoms and treatments. The attorneys pulled together and submitted a comprehensive appeal. After a short period of time, The Hartford decided to overturn its previous denial of benefits, and retroactively paid our client back all his long-term disability benefits immediately. “