“A Mississippi woman worked as a switchboard operator at a local medical center when she unexpectedly suffered a brain aneurysm. The woman also suffered from disc bulges, hypertension, type II diabetes, acute sinusitis, and joint pain. Despite her conditions, she bravely managed to continue working. However, two years later she suffered another aneurysm in a different part of her brain, and had to undergo emergency surgery to repair the damage. She was forced to leave work as a result of her worsening conditions, but applied for and was granted short-term disability benefits. Shortly thereafter, she also applied for long-term disability benefits from her insurer Mutual of Omaha, but was denied. Mutual of Omaha claimed that her brain aneurysm was a “”pre-existing condition,”” and refused to provide benefits.

She needed help fighting the insurance company, so she came straight to Fields Disability knowing our expertise would win her case. Our team of attorneys got to work right away, gathering supporting documentation from her medical providers, and building a case to support her claim for long-term disability benefits. We wrote an appeal of the insurance company’s decision, arguing that Mutual of Omaha selectively ignored evidence in her records and failed to properly understand her conditions as they related to her policy. With notice of their failings, and our clarification of their own policy, Mutual of Omaha soon overturned their decision and granted our client the long-term disability benefits she deserved. Our client was very pleased with the result, and soon began to receive regular checks in the mail. ”