“A project director from Ohio began feeling pain and numbness following a hip replacement. She was unable to stay in one position and suffered from severe pain. Her doctor diagnosed her with a damaged femoral nerve and recommended she stop working. She received long-term disability benefits for a few months, but then the insurance company stopped payments, saying that she did not submit enough evidence of her inability to work. She sent an appeal with additional medical records to no avail.

Worried about her lost income, she contacted Fields Disability for help with the next step. Our support team obtained medical records from all our client’s doctors. Fields attorneys drafted a strong appeal to the insurance company using the updated medical records and in-depth legal research. In the face of this new evidence, the insurance company changed its mind. Our client received a large lump-sum for backpay as well as ongoing monthly benefits. She is overjoyed to be done fighting her insurance company, and is happy to use her newly awarded benefits to continue treatment.”