“A woman who worked for many years as a personnel officer for the state was unable to continue to work due to a number of serious and debilitating mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, panic attacks, bipolar 1 disorder, and ADHD. The insurance company accepted her claim and paid her long term disability benefits for two years under the “your occupation” definition of disability.

After two years, the insurance company continued to pay benefits under the “any occupation” definition of disability. Despite the woman’s continuing impairments and limitations, the insurance company discontinued her benefits based on an Independent Review Report prepared by a doctor who reviewed the woman’s medical records.

Confused and distraught about the insurance company’s action, the woman called Fields Disability for help. Our team immediately began working on an appeal to fight the insurance company’s discontinuation of benefits. We argued they had ignored important parts of our client’s records, which showed that her condition had not improved and that she continued to suffer from limitations that make her disabled from any occupation. The appeal was a success, and the insurance company reinstated our client’s long-term disability benefits. Our client was put at ease, knowing that she would have financial security despite her disabling mental health conditions.”