“A woman who worked as a housekeeper became entirely unable to work due to chronic back pain and degeneration of her lumbar discs. Aetna paid the woman her long-term disability benefits for 24 months because she could not perform her job as a housekeeper. After 24 months, Aetna ceased her benefits, stating that in order to continue to receive benefits, she needed to be disabled from any occupation. She came to Fields Disability distraught, knowing that she could not work at all anymore due to her pain, but that Aetna was stopping her benefits.

Our attorneys could see that Aetna had failed to properly evaluate our client’s claim. Aetna relied excessively on certain evidence, while ignoring evidence that was supportive of her disability. We drafted an appeal that exposed Aetna’s mistakes. We also reached out to her doctors to obtain reports supporting her disability, which were vital to her case. These reports allowed us to prove that our client was unable to work in any occupation. In the end, we were successful in reversing Aetna’s denial of benefits and our client was awarded ongoing benefits.