“Our client became totally disabled from his work due to his inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis, restless leg syndrome, low back pain, and cervical radiculopathy. He worked for many years as a Director of Employee Services for his employer. This job required him to travel to worksites in his region weekly for inspections. His physical limitations due to his conditions, especially with respect to standing, made it impossible for him to continue this work.

However, his insurance company denied the worker’s claim for long-term disability benefits, alleging that the worker’s occupation was sedentary in nature. The insurance company also claimed that a statement from the claimant’s physician did not contain physical restrictions severe enough to preclude him from performing the duties of his job.

The disabled employee made the decision to hire Fields Disability to help him fight the insurance company’s wrongful denial of benefits. The Fields Disability team showed that the insurance company failed to properly evaluate our client’s claim, and that by doing so, the insurance company breached its fiduciary duty to our client.

First, they had wholly misstated the physician’s statement, ignoring important limitations and restrictions imposed on our client by his doctor. In addition, they misclassified the disabled worker’s occupation as a sedentary position, when in fact, the position was not sedentary in nature at all. Our attorneys provided evidence that his client’s job was actually performed at a “”light duty,”” or even “”medium duty”” exertional level. Our team filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of our client and were able to settle the case for a lump sum without having to go to court.”