“An Aerospace Technician injured his back and shoulder at work when he dropped a piece of heavy equipment. He applied for short-term disability benefits and was approved, but when the insurance company switched over to long-term benefits he was denied. He successfully appealed, but was skeptical of his insurer moving forward.

A few years later, his insurance company denied ongoing benefits based on a review of the file. He immediately called Fields Disability for help. We gathered medical records from all of our client’s providers, and ordered supportive narrative reports from our client’s most supportive doctors. Our attorneys filed an appeal to the insurance company, but they upheld the denial.

Our team filed a lawsuit in federal court to fight for our client. After moving forward with litigation, our attorneys negotiated a lump-sum settlement with the insurer. Our client was pleased to be done fighting his insurer, and was happy with the professional advocacy the Fields Disability team provided at every step of the way.”