“A Nevada woman had worked as an Accounts Receivable Clerk for many years before she was involved in a serious car accident. She suffered numerous injuries in the accident including a compound fracture of her right ulna and a traumatic brain injury. She ended up undergoing four failed surgeries on her right forearm, and eventually underwent a fifth surgery which just barely managed to stabilize her condition.

However, she suffered from persistent pain and immobility in her right arm. She had also developed carpal tunnel syndrome, cognitive deficits, and a variety of mental health conditions after the accident and subsequent recovery. She applied for long-term disability benefits from her insurance carrier, but was denied upon application. In their denial letter, the insurer claimed that her conditions had improved to the point where she could return to work.

Knowing she needed help, and having just given birth to a baby son, the woman sought out help. She contacted Fields Disability, and quickly signed on our team of disability attorneys to appeal the insurer’s denial decision. We gathered extensive medical documentation of her recovery and functional capabilities, outlining the path of her recovery. In addition, we secured a functional capacity assessment from her physical therapist, a narrative report from her primary care physician, and a specialized vocational report from a third party expert.

The Fields team ended up submitting hundreds of pages of exhibits with our already lengthy appeal proving our client’s disabled status. The insurer was forced to review all of the documentation, and upon consideration overturn their prior denial of our client’s benefits. Back pay check in hand, the woman was able to fall back on her now reinstated benefits, focus on her recovery and care for her newborn son.”