“A 38 year old female worked as a Health Care Coordinator, a job she thoroughly enjoyed as it permitted her to interact with and help people who are in need. Her job was demanding as it required her to constantly be on her feet, interfacing with people with mental health issues. While she wasn’t a trained psychiatrist, her job required her to provide a preliminary diagnosis so that the patient could be directed to the proper doctor for treatment. Analysis and an positivity were at the heart of her job as she worked with people that sometimes were in a state of deep depression.

Unfortunately, she began experiencing tremendous dizziness and fatigue which, over time, evolved into full-blown fainting spells. Understandably, this made doing her job nearly impossible and she saw a doctor for help. She was diagnosed with seizure disorder and fibromyalgia and was advised that she should be extraordinarily cautious in performing the duties of her job. She continued with her job for several months, but eventually it became impossible to maintain the stamina the job required and she determined to file for disability.

The disability carrier made payments for a brief period, but then suddenly and without any warning, issued a denial. Fearful that she would be unable to take care of herself and her children, she hired the Fields Disability. Our attorneys collected supportive records and reports from her medical doctors and filed an appeal, which the disability carrier reviewed and reversed its denial. This client was overjoyed that she would now have money to take care of herself as she strives to figure out, with her doctors, how she can get better and return to work. ”