“A teacher from Georgia had complications from back surgeries and arthritis that prevented her from working. She received long-term disability benefits in 2011 from her insurer, Guardian, which she used to pay for in-home care three times a week. After five years of receiving benefits, and without any medical review, Guardian sent a letter explaining she was no longer eligible to receive disability benefits.

Overwhelmed and frightened that she would no longer be able to pay for the care she needed, the teacher contacted Fields Disability to help file a strong appeal against Guardian Insurance. Our attorneys obtained records from multiple doctors and care providers to create a strong medical narrative, and build the best case for our client.

The attorneys successfully argued that benefits should never have been denied, and the appeal administrator awarded back-pay and continued benefits for our client. Our client was pleased with the single point of contact she had at Fields Disability, and was relieved to be able to afford the treatment she needs.”