“A Senior Software Engineer from Massachusetts was forced to stop working, less than a decade before retirement. She had battled anxiety and depression for years, but recently developed a progressive and incurable neurological condition. The disease was called Cervical Dystonia, and it caused her neck muscles to uncontrollably contract, forcing her head to painfully twist and turn. Her quality of life began deteriorating quickly, and then she learned that she needed brain surgery to address her worsening condition.

Rightfully concerned about her financial security, the woman applied for long term disability benefits from CIGNA. However, while CIGNA reviewed her claim, they began sending her a seemingly endless number of requests for more information. She responded to the requests at her own expense, but CIGNA still denied her application for benefits a month later. In their denial, CIGNA effectively claimed that the woman “”wasn’t actually disabled”” and was just “”choosing not to work.””

She was frustrated with CIGNA’s tactics, and sought out the best disability advocates to handle her case. She found the highly skilled team of attorneys at Fields Disability. We were able to get to work on her case right away, gathering the necessary documents, and obtaining favorable medical opinions from her treating physicians.

Our attorneys reviewed CIGNA’s denial letter, and got to work writing a strong appeal. We argued that CIGNA had failed to both properly consider our client’s medical records, and conduct due diligence through an independent medical examination. On the basis of our well-founded appeal, CIGNA agreed to conduct an independent medical review. After receiving the results of the review, they quickly overturned their previous denial, granting our client long term disability benefits with back pay. Our client was soon able to cash a substantial check from CIGNA, and began receiving regular payments for her long term disability benefits. ”