“As a Payroll Service Manager, our client very much enjoyed her work and was a valued employee prior to becoming disabled. She worked at call center as a supervisor, and was responsible for day to day supervision of staff, responding to inquiries ranging from routine to complex, resolving concerns from internal and external customers regarding payroll products and tax services. However, she was unable to perform these material duties because she suffered from diabetes, Charcot arthropathy, neuropathic foot ulceration, osteoarthritis, morbid obesity, hyperlipidemia and hypertension, which were all well-documented in her records.

She initially received short-term disability benefits from Liberty Mutual, but after a few months, she was sent a letter explaining that benefits would stop because Liberty Mutual believed she could go back to work as a Payroll Service Manager. After this determination, she applied for long-term disability benefits, which Liberty Mutual denied because her job was a sedentary occupation and Liberty Mutual believed she could perform the main job duties of her own occupation.

Understandably upset with Liberty Mutual’s determinations, she called Fields Disability for help appealing Liberty Mutual’s decision. The attorneys at Fields Disability contacted our client’s doctors to compile reports of all of her symptoms and treatments and submitted a comprehensive appeal. Liberty Mutual reviewed the appeal Fields Disability submitted, and determined it was wrong in denying her the Long-Term Disability benefits that she rightly deserved, and reversed its denial of benefits. The client was ecstatic, but dumbfounded how Fields Disability was able to get the decision to deny benefits reversed after being denied on multiple occasions by Liberty Mutual. ”