“Not long after getting his dream job as the director of information technology with a large international business, our client was involved in a car-on-motorcycle collision, which resulted in him striking his helmeted head on the road pavement at freeway speed. Miraculously he spent only a brief period in the hospital and then was released. When he returned to work, however, he began experiencing excruciating headaches and cognitive issues.

He kept his difficulties to himself and continued to do his job. Eventually, however, other employees began to notice that he was slurring his speech and could not track information and numbers and shortly thereafter his employers told him he would need to take leave to care for his medical needs.

He applied for disability and, despite the medical support from his doctors, the disability carrier upheld his denial. The disability carrier reasoned that because he had worked for several months without making complaints to anyone, he wasn’t disabled.

He then hired the Fields Disability and our attorneys reached out to medical providers and obtained records, which clearly documented cognitive difficulties and impairment, and filed an appeal. The disability carrier reviewed the appeal and determined that it would reverse its denial and began making disability payments. This client earnestly wishes to go back to work but will need some time to work through his cognitive issues, and is very appreciative that he now has the money to sustain himself through that period of therapy and healing.”