“A Warehouse Worker form Oregon suffered a stroke that paralyzed his left arm and right leg, forcing him to use a cane for ambulation. The stroke also caused cognitive deficits and wreaked havoc with the man’s memory. Unable to work in a warehouse environment any longer, the man applied for long-term disability benefits through his insurance carrier. The insurer initially approved his claim on application. However, after only two years they terminated his benefits claiming he did not have enough medical support to prove a sufficient level of functional impairment.

The man sought out help to appeal the insurer’s denial decision. He did online research of the best disability firms and found Fields Disability. He contacted us and immediately received a call from one of our attorneys. After signing on with the firm, our team of disability attorneys began gathering updated medical records from all of his providers, a letter of support from his primary care physician, and acquiring the results of a functional capacity evaluation he underwent.

OUr attorneys crafted a lengthy appeal dissecting and countering the insurer’s denial letter arguments, and submitted the entire stack of documentation to the insurer. The insurer was unable to refute the evidence and arguments presented in our appeal, and soon reversed their prior denial. The man soon got a check for his back benefits, and the insurer reinstated his benefits forward. He could have not been happier with the outcome. ”