“A Warehouse Manager was forced to leave work when he developed a left femoral nerve injury. His symptoms resulted in extreme pain with standing, walking, and even sitting. He applied to Cigna for long-term disability benefits, which were paid for twenty-four months. When the definition of “”Disabled”” in his policy changed, Cigna denied the man’s benefits, stating he could perform work at the sedentary level utilizing his managerial experience.

The man quickly hired Fields Disability to appeal Cigna’s wrongful decision. Our attorneys reviewed all of the records Cigna accumulated during our client’s claim. We found that Cigna’s review heavily relied on the opinion of an internal doctor that did not even examine our client. Our attorneys referred our client to a functional capacity evaluation to objectively measure his ability to work. The Evaluation showed that our client simply could not perform any work on a full-time basis and Cigna quickly reversed its decision and paid the disability benefits.”