“Our client was 55-years-old woman who worked as a mortgage officer for JP Morgan Chase. One day she began experiencing weakness, vertigo and significant nausea. She initially assumed that the flu-like symptoms would go away, and she would be fine. But the condition worsened, and she scheduled an appointment with the doctor. After several treatments with the doctors and prescription medications, it was clear that the condition was serious. Doctors tested her for an autoimmune disease which was positive. She was terrified as she had several dependents whom she was taking care of.

She applied for and received disability for several years as she attempted to find an antidote for her disease. Unfortunately, the insurer, without any warning, suddenly issued a denial letter stating she was no longer disabled, and the much-needed disability checks stopped coming. She tried to work with her doctors to present enough evidence to show that she continued to be disabled, but the insurer would not reverse its decision.

Out of options, she approached Fields Disability, and spoke to our staff about her claim. OUr attorneys immediately began working with medical providers to obtain the necessary supportive reports, and assembled medical records, and filed a lawsuit. After several weeks of strong arm negotiations, Fields Disability was able to resolve the case for a significant sum of money, enabling this client to pay her bills and, most importantly, meet the needs of her dependent loved ones.”