“A tax director for a national accounting firm became disabled when his type 1 diabetes resulted in complications to his lower extremities, including a diabetic foot ulcer. The man could not walk for more than a few minutes a day. If he over-exerted himself, he could develop further complications requiring amputation of his foot. He applied for disability benefits and retired to focus on stabilizing his medical conditions.

The man was paid for approximately two years before Cigna denied his benefits, stating he was able to perform his own sedentary occupation as an accountant. The man was shocked. Far from sitting in an office working on tax returns, his job required him to meet with clients at their businesses and attend local business events to drum up business.

Out of options, he hired Fields Disability to pursue his claim. The man’s attorney, Michael Kemmitt, assembled a number of medical narrative reports outlining the man’s symptoms in his upper and lower extremities. Additionally, Mr. Kemmitt had a vocational professional review the man’s job duties and write a report arguing Cigna failed to consider the material duties of the man’s occupation when it myopically labeled him as an accountant. Just a few weeks after the appeal was submitted, Cigna reinstated the claim and paid the man all of the outstanding backpay.”