“A man from Idaho, who was nearing the end of his career, discovered he had developed lymphatic leukemia. He immediately sought treatment, and underwent several rounds of chemotherapy. However, as can happen in rare cases of chemo treatment, he developed a condition called “”Chemo Brain.””

Chemo Brain is essentially brain damage caused by the harsh chemicals required for chemo. He saw a 30 point drop in his IQ over just a few months. Since his job required high level executive functioning, which he no longer had, he was soon forced out of work and applied for long-term disability benefits.

Despite several lengthy reports and a neurocognitive assessment, the insurer denied his claim for benefits. He sought help to appeal the insurers decision, and began looking for the top disability law firm in the country. He found Fields Disability and our team of attorneys got to work on his case and filed a subsequent appeal with updated medical documentation and another letter of support from his neuropsychologist. However, the insurer stood firm in their denial. After consulting with his lead attorney, our client decided to pursue the lawsuit option.

The Fields team then filed a federal lawsuit against the insurer in District court, and the insurer soon reached out to begin negotiations. The Fields team negotiated a sizable settlement and our client was able to receive a lump sum check soon afterward. ”