“As a registered nurse with a large hospital, our client relished a career of helping others get better. Unfortunately, she began developing severe pain in her low back that extended into both of her legs. After several treatments with the doctors and an MRI scan, it was discovered that she needed fusion surgery in her low back.

Doctors performed the surgery, which eliminated the pain for a period of time but, unfortunately, the pain eventually returned. An MRI scan revealed that she needed additional surgery to further repair the discs in her low back. Despite a second surgery the pain persisted and her doctors eventually diagnosed her with “failed lumbar syndrome”, which happens to a small percentage of patients who undergo lumbar fusion surgery.

Our client applied for and received disability for several years as she attempted to resolve her low back condition. Prudential issued a denial letter without any warning stating she was no longer disabled, and the much-needed disability checks stopped coming. She tried to work with her doctors to present enough evidence to show that she continued to be disabled, but Prudential would not reverse its decision.

Out of options, she approached Fields Disability, and spoke to our staff about her claim. We took on her case and Attorney Merrick Williams immediately began working with medical providers to obtain the necessary supportive reports, and assembled medical records, and presented an appeal to Prudential. After a complete and thorough review, Prudential reversed its decision and restored the disability payments with back-pay. Our client was emotional and overjoyed upon discovering she would now have the means to pay her bills and take care of her family.