“A bio-chemist from New York began having shortness of breath and heart palpitations. Her doctors diagnosed her with congestive heart failure and put her on a transplant list for a new heart. She stopped working and received long-term disability benefits through her employer. The surgery was successful, but her symptoms continued. After seven years of receiving benefits, her insurance company stopped paying because she didn’t fit their definition of “disabled.”

Worried about her lost income, she called Fields Disability for help. Our team reviewed all our client’s records and called two physicians for narrative reports to illustrate her condition more clearly to the insurance company. Both doctors said that she could not work in any capacity due to exertion-based shortness of breath. Fields attorneys submitted the new reports with a strong appeal to the insurer, and the decision was overturned. Our client received a lump-sum check for back-pay and ongoing benefits. She is pleased with her restored income, and happy to have Fields Disability working for her.”