“An Ohio HVAC technician had a heart attack. He underwent triple bypass surgery, and experienced chest pain and shortness of breath. His doctors advised that he needed to keep physical exertion as low as possible. He was approved for short term disability benefits at work, but after a couple of months the payments stopped. The insurance company said he was no longer disabled even though his doctor said he could not return to work.

Upset that the insurance company was ignoring his symptoms, he contacted Fields Disability for help. Our attorneys contacted our client’s treating physicians and obtained the claim file from the insurance company. Fields attorneys helped our client apply for long-term disability benefits while appealing the decision for the short-term disability benefits. The long-term application was initially denied, but Fields attorneys supplemented the claim with additional medical records and recommendations.

Ultimately, both the long-term and short-term disability claims were approved. Our client received a generous lump-sum for back-pay and now receives monthly benefits. He was impressed with the diligent advocacy from Fields Disability, and is relieved to have his monthly income restored.”