Case Wins for our clients in Mississippi

Fields Disability has a proven track record of winning. When you are disabled and unable to work, the law firm you hire can make all the difference in whether you will win your case.

From application to appeals to lawsuit

we have you covered at whatever stage you are at.

Here are just a few examples of our disability appeal case wins for our clients in Mississippi.

Aircraft Mechanic - Picayune, MS

Bilateral Total Knee Replacements, Low Back Pain, Bilateral Shoulder Issues

“Our client worked for a number of years as an aircraft mechanic for an international aircraft manufacturer. After developing degenerative arthritis leading to bilateral total knee replacement surgeries, our client left work and filed a claim for long term disability benefits. He received benefits for approximately two years, when Cigna told our client his condition had improved enough to allow him to return to work at a number of sedentary jobs.

The man found Fields Disability after searching for help online. We collected medical records and secured a supportive report from the treating doctor. We submitted the medical records and report to the insurance company along with a memorandum outlining our client’s legal rights under the statute governing the policy. After a brief review, Cigna reversed its decision to deny benefits and started paying our client’s claim. He was very pleased with the final result and decided to hire Fields Disability to manage his claim on an ongoing basis to prevent further wrongful denials.”

Special Apparatus Operator - Batesville, MS

Torn Rotator Cuff in Left Shoulder, Continued Shoulder Pain

“A woman in Mississippi suffered a torn rotator cuff in her left shoulder. Due to her condition, she was unable to continue working in her physically demanding job, and was awarded long-term disability benefits by her insurer Reliance Standard. Over two years later, her insurer cut off her benefits claiming that she was no longer disabled under her policy. The insurer claimed that after reviewing her medical records that she had the ability to work certain jobs which the insurer had identified.

Unsure of how to fight the insurance company and uncertain of a future with limited education and work prospects, she reached out to Fields Disability for help. The attorneys at Fields went to work updating the client’s medical records to submit to the insurance company. We then argued that the insurance company had made critical mistakes in their determination of the client’s case. Upon review, the insurance company reversed their decision and recommenced the payment of monthly benefits. The client found tremendous relief at getting her benefits reinstated and was able to put her mind at ease. ”

Warehouse Worker and Forklift operator - Montgomery, MS

Intractable Migraines

“A Mississippi man who worked in a warehouse and drove a forklift suddenly developed excruciating, intractable migraine headaches. His headaches, at times, became so penetrating he couldn’t see straight nor maintain his balance, and would frequently need to sit down until these terrifying episodes would go away. His doctors ordered MRI scans which did not reveal abnormalities in his brain. Bravely, he continued with his job but, eventually, out of fear of hurting fellow co-workers, not to mention damaging one of the businesses few forklifts, he filed for disability with The Standard who, thankfully, granted disability payments for a period of time. After a medical review and discovering a lack of abnormal findings on MRI or CT scans, The Standard made the decision to discontinue benefits and cease disability payments.

He needed help working with the insurance company and came to Fields Disability. Our attorneys gathered supporting documentation from his medical providers, and built a flawless case to support his claim for long-term disability benefits. Our team of attorneys presented an appeal asserting that The Standard selectively ignored evidence in his records and failed to properly recognize his client’s debilitating migraines, which qualified him as disabled under the policy. The Standard overturned its decision, granting the long-term disability benefits he deserved. He was happy with the result and soon began to receive regular checks in the mail.”

Switchboard Operator - Port Gibson, MS

Brain Aneurysm, Disc Bulges, Hypertension, Type II Diabetes, Acute Sinusitis, Joint Pain

“A Mississippi woman worked as a switchboard operator at a local medical center when she unexpectedly suffered a brain aneurysm. The woman also suffered from disc bulges, hypertension, type II diabetes, acute sinusitis, and joint pain. Despite her conditions, she bravely managed to continue working. However, two years later she suffered another aneurysm in a different part of her brain, and had to undergo emergency surgery to repair the damage. She was forced to leave work as a result of her worsening conditions, but applied for and was granted short-term disability benefits. Shortly thereafter, she also applied for long-term disability benefits from her insurer Mutual of Omaha, but was denied. Mutual of Omaha claimed that her brain aneurysm was a “”pre-existing condition,”” and refused to provide benefits.

She needed help fighting the insurance company, so she came straight to Fields Disability knowing our expertise would win her case. Our team of attorneys got to work right away, gathering supporting documentation from her medical providers, and building a case to support her claim for long-term disability benefits. We wrote an appeal of the insurance company’s decision, arguing that Mutual of Omaha selectively ignored evidence in her records and failed to properly understand her conditions as they related to her policy. With notice of their failings, and our clarification of their own policy, Mutual of Omaha soon overturned their decision and granted our client the long-term disability benefits she deserved. Our client was very pleased with the result, and soon began to receive regular checks in the mail. ”

Security Guard - Coahoma, MS

Back Pain, Sleep Disorder, Panic Attacks, Anxiety

“A security guard from Minnesota began experiencing panic attacks and anxiety. Her symptoms worsened and eventually she was unable to sleep for more than an hour at a time. She was forced to stop working. She applied for long term disability benefits from the disability insurance company, but was informed that she did not meet their definition of “disabled.”

Upset and worried about her lost income, she contacted the Long Term Disability attorneys at Fields Disability for help mounting an appeal against the insurer. Our attorneys reviewed the medical record and contacted our client’s doctors to obtain reports detailing symptoms and treatments.

The medical records from the initial decision were reinforced with the new reports and ultimately the long term disability insurance company overturned their decision. Our client was awarded backpay and ongoing benefits. She was happy to have her benefits paid and to continue her treatment without the fight against her insurance company.”