Case Wins for our clients in Oregon

Fields Disability has a proven track record of winning. When you are disabled and unable to work, the law firm you hire can make all the difference in whether you will win your case.

From application to appeals to lawsuit

we have you covered at whatever stage you are at.

Here are just a few examples of our disability appeal case wins for our clients in Oregon.

Warehouse Worker - Beaverton, OR

Stroke Symptoms

“A Warehouse Worker form Oregon suffered a stroke that paralyzed his left arm and right leg, forcing him to use a cane for ambulation. The stroke also caused cognitive deficits and wreaked havoc with the man’s memory. Unable to work in a warehouse environment any longer, the man applied for long-term disability benefits through his insurance carrier. The insurer initially approved his claim on application. However, after only two years they terminated his benefits claiming he did not have enough medical support to prove a sufficient level of functional impairment.

The man sought out help to appeal the insurer’s denial decision. He did online research of the best disability firms and found Fields Disability. He contacted us and immediately received a call from one of our attorneys. After signing on with the firm, our team of disability attorneys began gathering updated medical records from all of his providers, a letter of support from his primary care physician, and acquiring the results of a functional capacity evaluation he underwent.

OUr attorneys crafted a lengthy appeal dissecting and countering the insurer’s denial letter arguments, and submitted the entire stack of documentation to the insurer. The insurer was unable to refute the evidence and arguments presented in our appeal, and soon reversed their prior denial. The man soon got a check for his back benefits, and the insurer reinstated his benefits forward. He could have not been happier with the outcome. ”

Scheduling Specialist - Keizer, OR

Chronic Low Back Pain, Lumbar Spine Disc Disease, Lumbar Radiculopathy Status Post Lumbar Spinal Surgery

“A military veteran originally ceased working as a Scheduling Specialist due to chronic low back pain, lumbar spine disc disease, and lumbar radiculopathy status post lumbar spinal surgery. Since the first reporting his disabilities, and his inability to work, to his employer and carrier, Liberty Mutual, this veteran endured a complicated and extensive medical history.

He exhausted his short-term disability benefits, and applied for long-term disability benefits, which was approved by Liberty Mutual; however, after receiving long-term disability benefits for a brief period of time, his claim was preemptively terminated by Liberty Mutual.

Liberty Mutual terminated his long-term disability benefits by an impersonal letter alleging he did not meet the definition of “Disability” because they believed he was capable of performing the Material and Substantial Duties of a Scheduling Specialist. Upset with this termination, and sudden loss of income, this veteran contacted Fields Disability for help.

The attorneys at Fields Disability contacted all of his doctors, had favorable reports written on his behalf, and submitted an appeal to Liberty Mutual. After a brief period of time, Liberty Mutual had no other decision but to reverse its prior termination decision, and reinstated benefits immediately. Our client was extremely excited, and was happy with the quick turnaround from the staff at Fields Disability. ”

Nurses Assistant - St. Johns Bew Brunswick, OR

Sudden Knee Pain, Fibromyalgia

“A Nurse’s assistant from Oregon had a minor twinge in both knees. Then, within two weeks, the pain flared up to a severe level. The nurse’s job required her to help lift and move patients, and be on her feet all day. Her condition forced her to stop working. Her insurance company granted long-term disability benefits and paid her for about four months. Then suddenly they sent her a letter stating that she could return to work so the benefits were denied. She appealed to the insurance company to no avail.

Worried about her lost income, she called Fields Disability for help. The attorneys at Fields began collecting medical records from multiple doctors and physical therapists to prepare for a final appeal. With the evidence strengthened, Fields attorneys sent a strong appeal to the insurer explaining that our client could no longer work as a Nurse’s Assistant. The insurance company agreed and our client received a lump-sum check for back pay, and monthly benefits through the end of the policy period. ”

Home Appliance Inspector and Installer - Klamath Falls, OR

Back Pain, Degenerative Disc Disease, Neuropathy

“A home appliance inspector and installer from California was reaching while on a ladder at work. He felt a sharp burning sensation in his lower back. His work had exacerbated symptoms from multiple prior back surgeries and he could no longer work. His insurer approved long-term disability benefits and paid him monthly benefits for five years. Then the insurer suddenly canceled benefits, saying that they surveilled him and saw a few minutes of activity that showed he could work.

Worried about his lost income he called Fields Disability for help. Our team gathered almost 4000 pages of medical records and asked doctors for updated reports to support our client. Fields attorneys examined the evidence and sent a strong appeal to the insurer. Unfortunately, the insurance company did not change their decision. Our attorneys filed a lawsuit in federal court. During a conference with the judge, our attorneys presented a comprehensive summary of more than seven years of medical records and negotiated a generous lump-sum settlement to close the claim. Our client was relieved to be done fighting his insurance company and is happy to use the settlement funds to continue treatment.”

Registered Nurse - Albany, OR

Sjogren's Disease, Lupus, Adrenal Insufficiency, Thyroid Issues, Celiac Disease

“A registered nurse from Oregon was 10 years away from retirement. She had worked at the same hospital for 40 years, but had a very complicated medical history due to her clostridium difficile intestinal infections. One day she awoke to extreme pain and discovered blood in her stool. She went to the nearest emergency room and learned she had developed an autoimmune disease called Sjogren’s in addition to Lupus, adrenal insufficiency, thyroid issues, and celiac disease.

The nurse applied for and was granted short-term disability benefits, but just a month later the insurance company cut off their payments. In their denial letter, the insurer claimed the woman did not fit the definition of “”disability,”” claiming to have based their decision on an “”independent”” physician’s peer review of her medical records. She was stunned, and tried applying for long-term disability benefits without the assistance of an attorney, but was again denied on the same grounds.

The woman knew she needed help and retained Fields Disability to help fight the insurance company. The Fields team wrote a multipronged appeal ofthe insurer’s decisions concerning both her short and long-term disability benefits. Our attorneys argued that the insurance company made multiple errors in their evaluation of our client’s ongoing conditions, and incorrectly limited their consideration to only one physician’s peer review.

However, the insurer decided to reject the appeals, claiming that the woman was still capable of full time employment as a nurse. The Fields Disability team filed a lawsuit in federal court. Faced with litigation, the insurance company quickly moved to settle the case and our attorneys were able to secure a large settlement for our client.”