A Minnesota retail sales associate injured her knee while working in 2015. She received workers compensation benefits including wage loss and payment of medical bills for the first two years. Unfortunately, when she had to undergo an unrelated medical procedure that temporarily stopped her from receiving medical care for her work injury the workers’ compensation insurance company started denying payment for various benefits. Concerned, she contacted Fields Law Firm for help.

When the insurance company discontinued her wage benefits and filed to cease her job search and placement benefits, Attorney Sanford jumped into action. We successfully argued to continue our client’s job search and retraining benefits. Attorney Sanford also successfully argued for an Order to reinstate wage loss benefits after she recovered from her unrelated medical procedure. After wage benefits were reinstated, Attorney Sanford negotiated a lump sum settlement of $100,000 for our client’s wage and vocational benefits. He was also able to successfully keep medical benefits open so her knee surgery and follow up care would also be paid for by the insurer.