A lawn care supply worker from Inver Grove Heights experienced pain in his leg after loading fertilizer onto a freight barge. His doctor diagnosed him with an ulcer in his leg and possible blood clots. His leg would not heal and he had to stop working. The workers compensation insurer paid benefits for a few months, but then claimed that the injury was not a direct cause of his employment and stopped paying him.

Worried about his lost income, he contacted Fields Law for help with the workers compensation claim. Fields attorneys contacted our client’s doctors and had them send over medical records to support his disability. Our support team stayed in contact with our client to collect documentation while his treatment was ongoing. Fields attorneys worked directly with doctors to obtain reports on our client’s work status. Our attorneys filed a claim petition with the department of labor to fight for our client’s benefits. During preparations for a hearing, Fields Attorneys negotiated a $110,000 lump-sum settlement. Our client is pleased with the professional advocacy from Fields Law and is happy with his settlement check.