A school custodian from Elk River hurt her back when she fell shoveling snow at work. She was forced to stop work and received workers compensation benefits for lost wages and to cover a back surgery. After surgery, her pain and immobility still made work impossible. The workers compensation insurer stopped paying benefits, saying that she needed to return to work.

Frustrated and worried about her lost income, she called Fields Law for assistance. Our team contacted all our client’s treating physicians and obtained updated records. Our attorneys filed a claim petition with the department of labor to fight for our client’s lost wages. The process lasted for months, but our team kept in constant communication with our client and her HR department to keep everyone updated and to ensure the process kept moving. During preparation for a hearing the insurer agreed to mediate the claim, and our attorneys negotiated a $110,000 settlement! Our client was delighted with the settlement amount, and happy with the professional advocacy from the Fields Law team.