A concrete finisher experienced numbness in a toe on his left foot. While at work, he suddenly had shooting pain down his left leg and a very sharp pain in his back. The pain was too much and he was forced to stop working. His employer was a small concrete business and did not have any reporting procedure for work-injuries, or any insurance policy for work-injuries.

Worried about his lost income and mounting medical bills, he contacted Fields Law Firm for help with a workers compensation case. Fields attorneys snapped into action, filing a claim petition with the Minnesota Department of Labor and contacting all of our client’s doctors for records. Fields Law attorneys kept our client informed every step of the way while they gathered records and built a strong case for our client. During preparation for a hearing, Fields Law attorneys negotiated a $110,000 lump-sum settlement. Our client was able to cover his medical costs, and re-gain lost wages. Our client was pleased with the professional representation from Fields Law Firm and is happy to move forward with his life.