A man came to Fields Law Firm for help when he developed pain in his right elbow, bicep tendon, and wrist while performing his work activities. He had worked for the same employer for more than 30 years.
His repetitive stress injury symptoms developed in his most recent position as a welder. When he reported the symptoms, the employer and workers’ compensation insurer denied liability for his injuries. The man went on to require surgery for his injuries, and incurred wage loss and medical bills.

Fields Law Firm brought a claim on his behalf, and argued that the workers compensation insurer was responsible for the wage loss and medical bills. After bringing the claim, the workers’ compensation insurer ended up admitting that they were responsible, and paid for the wage loss and medical bills.

Unfortunately, our client went on to necessitate another surgery, and developed subsequent injuries. When he was unable to return to his job that employer, his team at Fields secured a $115,000 settlement through mediation.