A man who performed a mix of light and heavy assembly work severely injured his back. He underwent a discectomy surgery and then returned to work to perform light duty. The light duty proved to be too hard on his body and he later required a two-level lumbar fusion surgery.

Unfortunately, he did not have a good result from his surgery and was unable to return to his prior level of functioning. He was unlikely to return to his previous employment or any other type of employment in the foreseeable future.

Fields Law Firm helped the man to bring a claim for Permanent Total Disability (PTD) benefits, which are wage loss benefits that are paid by a workers’ compensation insurer through the presumptive age of retirement- 67.

The insurer was unwilling to pay the PTD benefits, but they were willing to negotiate a $125,000 lump sum settlement, which ended up being substantially similar to the amount of money the insurer would pay out if the man would have prevailed in bringing the PTD claim.

The man now has financial security and the workers’ compensation insurer remain responsible for reasonable, necessary, and causally related medical treatment to the man’s back.