A union employed stage hand had a co-worker fall on him during preparation for a show. He experienced severe back and neck pain and was forced to stop work. He applied for workers compensation but the insurance company woefully under-calculated his annual income. As a union member, he had over a dozen employers in the previous year through various contracts.

Worried that the insurance company was bungling his benefits, he contacted Fields Law for assistance. The attorneys at Fields Law snapped into action, obtaining wage records from the union so they could accurately calculate our client’s benefits. The insurance company tried to deny benefits twice in 18 months, and Fields Attorneys successfully won continuing benefits at hearings both times. Eventually, the insurance company agreed to attend formal mediation to resolve the benefits dispute. Armed with documentation of our previous victories in hearings, Fields Attorneys aggressively negotiated a $150,000 settlement. Our client was impressed with the persistent professional representation from Fields Law and was pleased with the settlement check.