A Chanhassen solar panel manufacturer hurt his shoulder moving a crate at work. He tried to continue working, but after about 15 minutes the pain became too severe. His doctor diagnosed him with a torn bicep tendon. He was approved for workers compensation benefits but the insurance company was slow in approving coverage for his medical procedures and prescriptions. Worried about his benefits, he hired Fields Law to monitor his claim.

Eventually, the insurance company stopped covering a prescription for our client. The attorneys at Fields Law obtained our client’s file from the Department of Labor, and tracked down medical records from multiple providers. With the evidence strong, Fields attorneys filed a claim petition with the Department of Labor to fight for our clients ongoing disability benefits. During preparation for a hearing, the insurance company agreed to mediate the claim. Armed with strong medical records, Fields attorneys negotiated a $150,000 settlement for our client’s claim. Our client was overjoyed with the settlement check, and was pleased with the professional representation Fields Law provided.