Fields Law Firm represented a brilliant and kind man who formerly worked for Delta as a Duty Manager. He suffered a back injury on the job in 2012 and required surgery. Years later, he required additional surgery to his back. The workers’ compensation insurer paid for his additional surgery. However, there was a problem with the hardware that was placed during his second surgery, so he had to undergo a revision surgery. Unfortunately, there was another complication with his hardware and he had to undergo a third back surgery. He underwent three back surgeries in less than 15 months. The workers’ compensation insurer paid for each of these surgeries.

Sadly, about two weeks after his last surgery, our client developed a blood clot and died. Our client’s surgeon stated that his death was completely attributable to his multiple surgical procedures, which were required secondary to his work injury. The doctor explained that individuals recovering from surgery has a high likelihood of developing blood clots, which is what our client died from.

Our client left behind a wife and adult children. Since our client’s doctor support that his death was related to his work injury, we were able to represent his widow in a dependency claim. We brought claims for ten years of wage loss benefits plus the cost of funeral/burial expenses.

The insurance company disputed that his death was related to his work injury, without having any evidence to the contrary. We prepared the case for trial.

Several weeks before the trial, the worker’s compensation insurer expressed interest in settling the case. Since we were quite confident heading into trial, we took a very firm position in settlement discussions and we were able to secure a $175,000 settlement for our client’s widow.